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Business information

We provide information and analysis on your company and other businesses

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Our services

Company analysis

We offer you analytical documentation on your company and other companies, with up-to-date and reliable data.

Analysis of clients and suppliers

We analyze the types and characteristics of customers and suppliers, in order to monitor company costs and incoming and outgoing cash flows.

Sectoral analysis and competition

A data-driven support to monitor competitor companies and gain a competitive advantage in the sector of your business.

Featured products dossier

The tool to improve your financial communication in the capital market, through four scores: financial statements, reports, corporate reputation and analysis of the competitive arena

Company Evaluation

We have developed a model for attributing the creditworthiness rating expressed in 19 alphanumeric classes: from Aa1 to C19 which express the different degree of financial solvency of the company

Anti-fraud dossier

Collection of surveys and information to support companies and investors in terms of anti-fraud and anti-money laundering, as a tool to prevent credit fraud

Credit and Legal Corporate Assessment

The service that combines credit and legal analysis and identifies the risks associated with entrepreneurial activity, in order to highlight margins of intervention and strategic actions to be undertaken.


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