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More info about FT

Is the representative brand of a group of societies founded by experienced financial advisors.


The portal allows registered companies to improve their financial communication and have access to a wide range of financial services


How to subscribe to portal

Anyone who is 18 years old or older

Products and services

What we are specialize in

No, you can't be financed. We only operate with legal entities

Credit transfer

How to transfer tax credits

We only work with legal entities. We don't buy tax credits from private customers.


Everyone can become partner


They are selected by our financial matching algorithm, with the support of our analysts


The experience of our analysts and the algorith enable to find the best financial service for the clients' needs. After an initial introductory discussion with the company, the analysts evaluate various solutions that will be presented to you. Once you select the preferred product, you will pass to the contract signature step.

Easy Loan

Easy Loan is a loan of money granted by an authorized credit institution or company.


"Digital factoring" is an alternative to SME-oriented financing. It is based on a contract by which a company transfers commercial credit, obtaining immediately in exchange the money subject to such credit, even if at a discount.
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Via Santa Maria Fulcorina, 19 20123 - Milano

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Tel +39 02 87167578
Tel +39 089 405376

Partners:partner.svgEuropean payment institution accredited in France by the ACPR (CIB 16568).